Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Just Call Me Nostradamus

No, this is not a weaselly way of getting out of my obligation to put up a real blog post today. That was a real promise, not a campaign promise.

Still I have a right to gloat about my continued perfect record of completely miscalling the Democratic primaries. (I'm not linking myself; but read the January archive.) Something huge just had to be in the air yesterday. What with the media Obamania, and the polls converging and chaotic at the same time, for sure it had to break big at the end one way or another. Didn't it? Cusp of a catastrophe, and all that?

So naturally it come out dead even, maybe Hillary by a few hundred nanometers. On Mount Olympus the writers' strike must be ongoing for at least the last 5000 years, because the gods just keep on playing the same old jokes. And we just keep on taking the sucker punch.

But in for a dime, in for a dollar, so here goes my next prophesy:

Hillary didn't get washed out, but my metaphor did, so my new one is 1914. The Oschleiffen Plan nearly worked - especially because this time when the right wing swept through Belgium, the Belgians not only really did greet them with flowers, they gave them rides to the French border. All the same, almost is not quite ...

So they won't be marching home for Christmas, on either side - the trenchlines are being dug, and the wire is going up.

There! The fix is in - now it will be over in March!


Anonymous said...

Politics would be silly, if they weren't so important. Instead of electing a bunch of people that will roll back the excesses of our bloted government, we elect a bunch of people that tend to make things worse (most of whom all have the best of intentions), and then gripe about how frusterated we are with the political machine. Yes, politics are silly. But then again, politics are just society generating governing decisions. In SF, we sometimes see interesting methods of giving the people what they need to be happy, not like it is now where we get what we want to be happy. Big difference. Well, I foresee a summer of campaining intense enough to make our collective figurative ears bleed.
Ferrell Rosser

Rick said...

Yes, it will be intense. I'll try to keep it almost completely out of this blog.