Monday, May 26, 2008


Just to say again (alas!) that a soldier's sacrifice is not measured by the commanding officer's judgment or competence.

Memorial Day, 2008


Anonymous said...

So True.

Anonymous said...

Rick, thanks for posting this site.

Lest we forget.

Anonymous said...


However, I don't get the reference in the title.

Rick said...

Jim - 4082 was the number of US military dead when I wrote the piece. The link on "sacrifice" goes to a tally, now alas 4084.

Tamora Pierce said...

Damn straight. Otherwise we'd have generations of armies that fell over their own feet, and people would have given up resorting to war and turned to diplomacy.

Damn those brave and competent people! /intense sarcasm.

Rick said...

Tammy - intense sarcasm, indeed. One of the saddest subtleties of history is that bad leaders so rarely have trouble finding good soldiers.