Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Rix Pix 2008 - New Hampshire

Continuing my series of spectacularly incorrect predictions. At least it gives me a theme for a real blog post, on futurology. If I can't predict events whose outcome will be known in a few hours, what are my chances with, say, the world of 2700?

If you have a burning need to see my quick after-analysis of the Iowa caucuses, you can read it here. Meanwhile, onward toward error!

Democrats -

Obama by 12

Republicans -

McCain by 3

I'd love to see the Dem race closer, but it isn't looking great for my girl. And on his way to thumping Hillary, Obama delivers a near death experience to McCain.

Coming up next, the year the first starship departs. At least you probably won't be around to tell me I was wrong.


Kedamono said...

The spread was tight for the Dems, with Clinton beating Obama by 2 points. McCain beat the spread, winning by 5 points, based on the last report I read.

This is a horse race I wouldn't bet on.

Anonymous said...

Clinton and McCain in NH. Wonderful. I don't think I've backed the wining candidate since Reagan. Well, we shouldn't count out anybody until after the Electoral College votes. I just hope there isn't so much whinning this year.
Ferrell Rosser

Rick said...

My powers of prophesy were stupendous!